Poli Glow International

Boat and RV Restoration Products
Boat and RV Restoration Products
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  • iPad Website Design Thynks Marketing Agency
  • Ecommerce Development Poli Glow Thynks
We worked with the Poli Glow International management team to create a 100% custom website with an aesthetically appealing architecture, page layouts, social sharing, ecommerce driven and optimized user friendliness to encourage sales and conversions.
Our partnership with Poli Glow have allowed us to provide services that include:
  • Configured, Created and Designed New Wordpress Website with new Framework and Navigation
  • Configured, Created and Designed New Woo Commerce Shopping Cart for New Website
  • Performed Product Listings and Product Development for Woo Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Created New Images for Branding of Products
  • Performed Complete Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Provides Continued Email Marketing
  • Provides Continued Site Maintenance
  • Created Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Advise on New Marketing Ideas and Strategies