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Nowadays, it’s more crucial than ever to not only have a strong web presence for your brand, but to also have authoritative and prominent social media outlets. Our social media team at Thynks specializes in using social media techniques, tools and tactics to drive your target audience to your products and/or services.

We combine social platforms, content and media with creative promotions and advertising to help grow your business. Our experience and services range from start-from-scratch social management and advertising projects to expanding on existing social media channels.

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  • Concept

    The strategy team at Thynks work with clients to understand their business and marketing goals. Social thinking is the core of our development process. This foundation is used to create clear and actionable plans, which drive results.

  • Creative

    Thynks creates ideas that are powered by user experience data. Our creative concepts are built from social insights. The end result? Ideas that can live on any platform or in any medium, sparking conversation and engagement.

  • Content

    The content from our editorial and creative teams extend and provoke conversation within a community, driving engagement and interaction with the brand. Our goal is to maintain our position at the forefront of social thinking.

  • Conversions

    We use a wide range of digital and traditional measurement techniques to prove the effectiveness of the social thinking strategies used in driving results. we provide insight from a variety of reports and metrics we gather to let us and you know the progress we’re making and the areas of opportunity we can capitalize on.

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Creating Conversations That Drive Conversions


Contests and promotions are some of the best ways to create and build your audience as well as offer your current followers a token of appreciation. We have experience running a variety of successful promotions that have increased fan growth, traffic and conversions.


Thynks can help your business create, develop and manage your online brand so they are strategically positioned in the competitive landscape, helping you grow a positive and prosperous online presence. Through consult, research, planning and execution, we’ll get your fans talking about your business.


We use specific and strategic messaging for your brand, service and products with careful attention to the crucial details of channel, theme, tone, timing and audience targeting. We work with you to make sure that what we relay and how we engage is on-point to capture the attention of your audience.


Our social media marketing team begins by optimizing your social media profile and fan pages. We then cultivate users by creating interest and engage users on each network to grow trust, awareness and ultimately, converting them to satisfied customers.

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