Sites built with the content management systems we support allow flexibility to add, update and edit content easily and without any real knowledge of coding. Clients are able to keep their content current by taking direct control of the all of the site elements and making modifications easily and quickly.

Your site benefits with better search placement for competitive keywords when configured correctly. Depending on the type of business you run, we’re able to offer custom applications, services and eCommerce based platforms that fit your specific needs.

Every website we build, manage and maintain includes tracking codes on every page of your site. This allows our team to provide comprehensive reports on the progress of your site and the available opportunities that we’re able to track and record. We also monitor your social network outlets for engagement, users, followers and interests. This helps us provide solutions to best engage with your target audience and convert them to customers. Our reports are available to clients on either a daily, weekly or monthly schedule…sent right to your inbox. Find out who visits you, how they got there and how to reach the masses.

We use best practices and responsive design so your site performs flawless across all platforms and device types. We use clean, modern code that is constantly tested and retested to make sure that users receive a consistent message and feel even if it’s displayed on a large monitor or a smartphone.

Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing Services

Keep It Fresh

As the criteria to rank on search engines are in constant change, there is one element that remains constant: up-to-date websites get more traffic, boost sales, leads and strengthen brand authority. If you either way to change your address on your contact page or build a mobile version of our site, our team at Thynks can help.

We can help you with your site even if we didn’t create it.

Polished and Professional Website Audits
In order to have an online presence that conveys authority and trust, you need to have a professional looking site. Improper spelling and grammatical errors, styling issues and bad layout options might reflect poorly on your business and may cost you customers. Our team at Thynks will comb through your site to discover any errors and inconsistencies so that you can create a first-class experience. We’ll provide a list of recommendations each month to ensure you maintain a polished site that is both attractive and retains your users.

Routinely performing website tune-ups to optimize your site’s performance and security should be done more regularly than oil changes. Because of constant changes in web advancements and standardizations, your site could be vulnerable to losing your rank on search engines to malicious attacks that bring down your whole site altogether.

Our dedicated team at Thynks performs regular audits to make sure we find issues before your users do.